How HealthyWays Can Help You

We provide a large range of services to a wide variety of industries. Some of the tasks that we are most commonly requested to complete are as follows:






The curtains are cleaned in situ,  deodorised, refreshed and sanitised, with no room downtime

Upholstered Furniture
Furniture is cleaned in situ to remove stains or odours, it’s then  deodorised, refreshed and sanitised, with no room downtime

Deep clean and sanitised using Super Dry Steam technology, making them ready to walk on almost instantly

To ensure compliance, meet regulatory requirements and reduce risk of kitchen fires.  Internal duct cleaning and removal of fat deposits to prevent fire hazard ( a real danger )

Deep cleaned and sanitised to remove all threat of germs and bacteria

Mould Elimination
A serious health threat in houses, bathrooms and accommodation, we safely remove the mould, restore / re-colour grout and help prevent the return

Superglaze System for Hard Floors
System produces a very high gloss, slip free, long lasting finish to tired floors. Suitable for Marble / tiles / vinyl / timber / polished concrete / etc

Outside Areas
Driveways, walls, windows… anything that needs to be cleaned and refreshed.

Chewing Gum Removal

Emergencies and Emergency Clean Ups
No matter what your problem, we can help you on an emergency basis – please contact us for advice

Forensic Cleanups
Effective clean up of areas that have been heavily soiled with blood and other forensic matter

Industries We Cater To

  • Aged Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and other Accommodations
  • Retail Stores and Chains
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Commercial Playgrounds
  • Restaurant Chain Playgrounds
  • Private Residence
  • And more…

Why Choose HealthyWays?

We transfer critical medical standards of deep cleaning and sanitising to the commercial world. We go beyond mere surface cleaning for visual presentation, instead we Deep Clean and sanitise to eliminate health hazards deeply embedded in materials.

We extend the life of your items; especially carpets, curtains and furniture.

We meet and comply with OH&S and Duty of Care requirements.

You can save money by reducing the workload for your normal cleaning staff, while offering a higher standard of room to your clients, guests and / or staff.

HealthyWays is promoting an Eco Friendly ‘Green’ way of cleaning. We use only water*, and because super dry steam is highly effective it takes only 1 litre of plain water to make 1,000 litres of Super Dry Steam!

SUPER DRY STEAM is the answer !


*(with the exception of a first service to very dirty surfaces, however if chemical has to be used it is itself entirely removed by the Super Dry Steam extreme heat follow up)

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