The Ultimate Deep Clean and Sanitisation

hotel cleaningThe Total Room Deep Clean and Sanitise is HealthyWay’s Specialty Service. This highly recommended service by our clients leaves your whole room refreshed, clean and sanitised, and restored to a condition far superior to regular cleaning.

Our technique cleans your carpet and fittings so efficiently it actually extends the life.

Why HealthyWays Deep Clean and Sanitise?

Many hotels today outsource the housekeeping to contractors who often ‘clean to a price’ rather than a standard, they only have enough time in each room to merely surface clean the room. Which means the room ‘looks’ good but the embedded grit, bacteria and virus residues remain, hence over time the room becomes smelly, stale and unhealthy.

Our service on a regular periodic basis returns the rooms to ‘5 Star’ condition;

  • Extends the life of carpet
  • Extends the life of curtains
  • Reduces guest complaints and increases their desire to return
  • Reduces the work load on housekeeping staff
  • And even reduce labour hours

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