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Serious Problem In 5 Star Hotel Saved with Room Ready to Occupy the Same Day

The phone rang at 1 pm, one of our clients, a major Sydney 5 star hotel had a problem, a very serious one… A guest had defecated on the mattress and over the carpet alongside the bed and through into the bathroom. A  pile surrounded by a watery mess spread over a square metre sat on the carpet and trailing through to the bathroom.

Our team quickly responded and were in the room at 2.45 pm ready to action the clean up, deodorise and sanitise the room.

The stench was literally AWFUL, the hotel staff would not enter the room

All the visible defecation mess was removed from mattress and carpet, and then both were cleaned and sanitised using our exclusive SUPER DRY STEAM technology which left them not only clean and sanitised but virtually dry immediately, and finally, the room totally deodorised.

The entire task was completed by 4.30 pm, only 3.5 hours from emergency call to the room being made up by the housekeeping staff  and occupied by paying clients the same night!

We ensured the room was totally clean, all staining gone, refreshed and no odour to indicate that a very serious problem had ever existed there.

A very happy hotel management and the room income maintained without interruption.

Another Healthyways  response to SOLVE PROBLEMS and ADD VALUE!

Knife Fight Threatens A Hotel’s Occupancy

The phone rang mid morning on a Saturday, One of our clients, a Sydney 5 star hotel, had a serious problem.

From an agitated Executive Housekeeper “We have had an incident in a couple of rooms, I cannot get in there as the police have created a crime scene , but I believe there is blood everywhere caused by a knife fight ….. can you fix it as we need the rooms tonight?”

Our response immediately was “don’t touch anything, leave it all to us”.  Forensic scenes are never  a pretty sight but can also be dangerous.

By 12.30 pm we had police clearance and  our staff were in the rooms donned in full protective suits and masks  to commence.

Blood was the issue, spattered over the carpet and furnishings, along the corridor outside to the firestairs and down 10 flights of stairs, over the walls and concrete steps.

Treatment with our SUPER DRY STEAM technology not only cleaned completely but totally removed any threat from the blood spatterings.

The job was completed by 4 pm, the rooms available immediately to be made up and occupied the same night with no remaining evidence whatever of the violent incident that had occurred

Boxing Day Emergency

It was Boxing day , the 26 th December when the phone rang

A well known major Sydney hotel had a problem and a forensic clean up urgently required.

A guest had booked in prior to Christmas and endeavoured to commit suicide on Christmas Day slashing his wrists and then attempting to force open a window to jump from the ledge, fortunately some passerby’s in the street below witnessed this and called the police who were able to get the person under control and then to hospital.

This saved his life.

In the room there were large splashes of blood throughout, walls, carpet and furnishings, even windows.

Again, the whole room and furnishings were completely sanitised with no evidence remaining of the near tragedy that had occurred only hours previously.

The room available to let the same evening!

Our commitment …to guarantee the room is available the same day so no loss of room revenue

We solve problems and add value

Serious Kitchen Fire Danger

Even whilst on holidays in a foreign country we are available to serve.

Whilst holidaying in Honolulu at a hotel overlooking Waikiki Beach a fire broke out in the kitchen of one of the restaurants in the building ,causing all the guests to be evacuated from their rooms whilst the fire brigade battled to bring the fire under control with an army of police attending.

My first thought, based on experience here in Sydney “I’ll bet this was caused by fat accumulation in the ducting above the cooking ranges”.

The next day it was confirmed this was indeed the fire cause.

This can be a very serious issue with the risk of loss of life because it is invisible until a fire does break out.

I spoke with the hotel GM and then wrote him a letter detailing how HealthyWays handles this problem here in Australia and indicating the actions to take to not only remove the fat accumulation, to ensure it never happened again, and to have conclusive proof to show the regulatory authorities, to support OH&S and Duty of care responsibilities and to potentially lower the hotel’s insurance rates.

He was delighted, very impressed with our system and wished we were working in Honolulu !

Again we added value!

Expensive Oriental Rug Treated

The phone rang one Friday evening, the GM of one of Sydney’s finest 5 star hotels asked the question “Ken, can you clean and repair an expensive oriental rug for the Consulate -General?”  … to which the response was a yes!

The rug was collected from the Consul’s residence, this is highly specialised work we had never done so we spent considerable time seeking out an expert in this field and finally found the one person considered the best in Australia with over 45 years experience in this delicate work.

Part of the fringe had been torn out and could only be repaired by weaving a new and matching piece of fringe into the body of the rug.

After washing, the repair carried out and returned to it’s owner  who was delighted  and fulsome in his praise for us.

Again another satisfied client!

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